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Research will be conducted on two fronts. One will look at Neuroplastic Techniques and brain change, based upon clinical outcomes and functional imaging studies. The other will be research focused upon delivery of care.
Research on Neuroplastic Techniques will concentrate on study designs based upon published basic science research and counter stimulation of pain using thoughts, images, sensations, memories, soothing emotions movement and beliefs. The subjective experience of patents will be combined with the objective data of functional imaging to see brain change acutely and over time. The goal of this research is to find transformative neuroplastic treatment approaches that can be established as the hub treatment for persistent pain disorders.
Research on Delivery of Care will look at several models for establishing Neuroplastic Transformation treatment approaches for patients in clinical practice. This will examine various methods of delivering this care, tapered to various practices and disciplines, as part of a treatment visit. It will utilize a variety of professional providers and techniques, the central, active role of patients receiving this care, measurable treatment outcomes of subjective and objective improvement. It will focus on the R.A.F.T. model of phasic care for persistent pain.
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