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Mom the Neuroscientist
With the power of touch, our mothers start wiring our brains the day we are born. Feeding, stroking, nuzzling, humming, cooing, kissing and soothing masterfully wire the child's brain and body, starting the robust experience of neuroplasticity that will serve us for the rest of our lives. Mothers make neuroplasticity happen.
Touch is the master sensory experience that begins our journey to become who we are. The brain recognizes the importance of being touched and touching others, because this is exactly where we all start. It is touch that establishes the connection between people and the engine that drives the desire for relationships.
The Mom the Neuroscientist Campaign is Co-sponsored with the Thanks Mom and Dad Fund. Together we are promoting the idea of mothers as powerful agents of neuroplasticity, who help children wire at the moment of birth and throughout life.

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