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Neuroplastic Transformation Workbook

Marla D. Golden, DO and Michael H. Moskowitz, MD have co-authored the Neuroplastic Transformation Workbook. It is a precise, feature packed resource for people living with persistent pain, their caregivers and treating practitioners. Used with the WORKBOOK section of the website, the Neuroplastic Transformation workbook becomes a constantly updated, multimedia source of ideas to guide purposeful positive brain change.
The Foundation for Neuroplasticity will make the Neuroplastic Transformatoin Workbook available at no cost to indigent patients working with their practitioners to control their persistent pain disorders. Eligibility for this service will be determined by individual practitioner by request to the Foundation for Neuroplasticity. Dr. Golden and Dr. Moskowitz will provide video on the website to explain the concepts in the workbook in plain terms for the lay public.
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